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Who We Are

Sino Sales & Support is in the business of product development and supply chain management. We currently represent over 40 companies annually, including Kickstarter and Indiegogo creators, wholesalers, retailers, catalog companies, brands, manufacturers, importers, and Amazon sellers. Over the years we have invested time, care, and resources into our suppliers in order to provide our clients the very best manufacturing services.

First Value

First, we use the leverage of our existing factory relationships, built over many years of doing quality business, to bring the most qualified factories to our clients for the lowest price.

Second Value

Second, being a foreign owned and operated company with Chinese/American engineering staff, we effectively act as a China-based branch of our clients’ operations. Think of us as your second office with whom you can fully rely on to understand and implement your manufacturing needs.

Third Value

Third, we provide the full suite of China based services under one roof. This includes providing market research, vendor identification, product development, manufacturing, sourcing, artwork, design, packaging, pricing, order placement, production monitoring/tracking, fulfillment, and quality assurance. No need to follow up with multiple contacts, the solutions to all your needs are one phone call away.

❝ Our mission is to represent the interests of our customers by eliminating brokers, trading companies, and other middlemen in sourcing directly from factories throughout China.

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