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From Product Idea to Mass Production

Sino Sales & Support

Sino Sales & Support is your business partner in China for a guaranteed excellent manufacturing experience. Through our services, we help our customers get their projects off the ground at a competitive price.

For over 20 years, inventors, buyers, wholesalers, retailers, entrepreneurs, Amazon sellers, developers, ecommerce platforms, and small/middle enterprises all around the world, have relied on our services to develop, produce, and acquire a market-ready product.

We help our clients launch never-before-seen products by combining our engineering services with the complete manufacturing process. We also support INDIEGOGO and KICKSTARTER campaigners in developing, manufacturing, and launching their projects smoothly and successfully. 

We offer trade consultations and get involved early in the design process to make sure our client’s exact needs and expectations are met. 

A large value in using Sino Sales is our established factory relationships with over 400 factories located in Mainland China. This allows us to search for the most reliable, trustworthy, and professional factory to ensure you receive your desired MOQ and price. 

We are driven by our customer satisfaction and always inspect the quality of the products prior to shipping. We guarantee American quality coupled with western standards.

Why work with a manufacturing service?

Hundreds of problems can occur when you work directly with a Chinese manufacturer including; language barriers, cultural differences, quality standards, late shipments, poor communication, change in raw materials, and many other issues. Working with Sino Sales and Support will allow you to avoid these severe headaches by solving problems that occur immediately. 

Manufacturing a product overseas is a difficult task but knowing you have a team of engineers, project managers, and quality assurance agents on the ground in both the United States and China will allow all problems that can occur to be solved quickly and efficiently. 

With a team of highly trained industry professionals that have developed and produced products for companies such as Disney, Walmart, Lowes, Rust-Oleum, Bed Bath & Beyond, and some of the largest Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns to date, we can assure our clients that our staff can help them reach their product development goals. 

Design Concept Communication —

We have taken Sino Sales to the next level by introducing a suite of design and engineering services. We recognize the serious challenges companies face when developing and communicating new product concepts with Chinese factories, that’s why work diligently to eliminate the problems that can occur by giving you a highly experienced, China-based design/engineering team, with the unique skill set of fluently speaking English,  understanding foreign products, and the entire supply-chain industry. 


Samples and Prototype Management —

Procuring samples, testing raw material requirements, and producing prototypes are integral elements in successfully manufacturing products and should be handled by experts who can clearly communicate and manage these complex situations. Our technical team is specifically trained and prepared to meet these important demands. 

Quality Assurance —

Our Quality Assurance specialists act as our client’s team in the field, dedicated to factory and supplier evaluations, due diligence monitoring, and product inspections. Available services include the inspection of raw materials prior to production runs, mid-production reviews, and final merchandise inspections; all using an inspection standard of AQL 4.0. A successful Quality Assurance operation requires flexibility regarding individual client’s instructions, yet a strict discipline in sticking to the procedure. Our management and staff recognize that a comprehensive understanding of factory production methods and a working knowledge of the product is paramount to delivering a successful and quality item to the market.

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